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Here's What Clients Are Saying

• I worked through 3 sessions of the Emotion Code with Miri.  At the first session I was very conflicted about making a significant work/life balance decision and clearly skeptical of the process.  The inability to address this indecisiveness was also feeding severe anxiety I had been trying to address.  After the first session, I felt very much at ease and decided to take a significant cut in pay to have the work/life balance I had ignored for years.  After the second session, my anxiety decreased even more.  The Body Code sessions showed me I had been carrying burdens that were not mine to carry, nor created by me and that they were no longer relevant.  I learned some coping tools that have helped me go forward.  I would recommend trying the Emotion and Body Code.  If it can help a skeptic like me, I am sure if you approach it with curiosity and openness it will help you.


• The Emotion Code and Body Code work with Miri has helped me transcend earthly occupations with psycho-emotional hurdles that I previously was not able to jump over.  She has aided me as a guide to help myself.  I have struggled with depression and PTSD since childhood and this work is self-effacing and has gently forced me to look at who I am.     GB HI

• I want to thank and acknowledge Miri for being an amazing conduit and gift as she has helped me move forward in my life.  Her dedication, caring and compassion helped me get to where I wanted to go.  I admit at first I was dubious whether Emotion Code was working for me, but gently many miraculous results occurred --- miracles indeed as the layers were uncovered.  We worked together for over a year and I found The Emotion Code and Body Code gentle, easy, like a wave; and it is easy to miss the subtle changes and to chalk them up as coincidences.  Amazingly my fear and stress levels resulting from extremely confronting circumstances diminished after each session.  I’ve experienced many different healing modalities over the years, but Emotion Code and Body Code reached the core of so many issues by pulling them up softly.  It’s a powerful process for any upset of body, mind or spirit.   Miri, your love and patience in doing this work is beyond measure and you shine in your contribution of this healing gift.  It takes commitment and dedication, yet so worth for anyone committed to their growth and peace of mind.     SP, AZ

• The Emotion Code is great!  I played the best round of golf I’ve ever played, lowest net score out of 16 golfers!  You’re a miracle worker!! JP, AZ